Sunday, December 10, 2006

Unprofessional Christmas Pics!

Anyone who has a 3.5 year old or an 18 month old knows how difficult it can be to get them to sit still for anything, let alone a picture sitting. So, instead of lugging both respiratory compromised boys to a studio and paying exorbitant amounts of money on pictures, I decided to try a photo shoot with my Dad's wonderful Nikon D50 camera since it usually gives us such beautiful pictures. Well...the camera behaved. The boys acted just as they are supposed to. Who wants to sit still and smile when there are Christmas decorations to look at and chocolate candies to steal and doggies to chase? After much prompting on my mother, father, and my part, we finally caught a few cute pictures of my precious preemies together and separate that will serve as our 2006 Christmas pics. Whew, am I ever tired!

Here is the big man himself in all of his smiling, blue-eyed glory

Next up Mr. Trouble Maker himself along w/ some Photoshopping for head injuries ;)

The miracle of my 30 wkr and 25wkr together and healthy!


Tkscot1 said...

Kellie, those are FABULOUS!! I can't believe how much Eli has grown, and look how TALL Carson is! Best wishes for a happy, HEALTHY Christmas for your family!! :)

(Tiffany & Natalie, Sept. 05)

Billie said...

Wow, what adorable little guys! I know a couple of cute twin girls they might like:)

Trying2BMe said...

I think the pictures turned out beautifully. Carson is getting so big, he barely looks 3 anymore. And of course Eli is too cute for colored television.

Thanks for sharing.