Monday, December 18, 2006

My first preschool gift

Carson jumped off the bus this afternoon beaming from ear to ear. His backpack contained a priceless package that he had worked on for a few weeks in class.....a Christmas present for Mommy and Daddy. We walked home from the bus stop and I immediately grabbed up the camera. He proudly took the carefully wrapped package out of his Spiderman backpack and handed it to me. Of course Carson got a big Mommy hug in return and a few sloppy kisses to go along with it. I couldn't help myself and photographer Mommy kicked into gear. Carson kept saying, "Mommy, just open it....please!". I just wanted to make sure I had recorded all of the details of our first homemade preschool Christmas present in digital picture history.

Thankfully Al was off of work today and was able to enjoy the moment with us. Carson was so excited to see us open his present that he practically opened it himself. Inside the colorful paper tied with red yarn string was a wall hanging displaying a reindeer. Now this wasn't just any reindeer. It was made from Carson's right foot print and both hand prints. His huge smile and two dimples showed us how proud he was of his creation and we praised and thanked him for our perfect gift. Who could ask for a better Christmas present??


Jill said...

SOOOOOOOOOOO cute!!!!!! I am sure he is a very proud little boy.

Trying2BMe said...

That is so cute. And it's kind of funny too. Christina made the exact same kind of reindeer for her sweatshirt she wore in the Christmas program at her school.

Those "hand-made" gifts are the best by far.

Maggie said...

How adorable!!!! That's a keeper forever!

Laura said...

these are awesome.
seriously, i treasure my many preschool gifts over the years even more than the jewelry i have managed to receive on rare occasion...but if you tell my darling husband, i will deny it going to my grave!

Sarah said...

That is so sweet. Wow, I didn't realize that Carson was in preschool already. He did a wonderful job and I know you must be a very proud Mommy.

Lisa said...

Thank you, Kellie for your comments on my blog. The news yesterday was not good and I'm not ready to talk about it yet. I will as soon as I can.

Hope you all have a wonderful holiday!