Sunday, October 21, 2007

New Family Members

Sorry for the long span between posts but work is keeping me busy-busy-busy! Al has changed jobs and the boys are constantly on the move with school. This has made for a hectic October to say the least. I'm going to cheat and update through bullets....


* obsessed with drawing and coloring (and quite good at it too)
* going to be the ring bearer in Uncle Aaron's wedding 10/27
* growing like crazy
* eating us out of house and home
* had his 1st post-tube ear infection and it was YUCKY
* has a new best friend at school
* also has a new girlfriend at school....quite serious ;)


* doing fabulous in school
* talking up a storm all day, every day...must get it from his mama
* getting taller
* maintaining weight (maybe even gaining a little!!)
* on round 4 of steroids in the past 8 weeks :(
* lungs not so hot
* upper GI was inconclusive for fundo...possible need for a re-do
* impedance study to be done in the next two weeks
* mommy and daddy seeing massive signs of reflux back (coughing all night, retching, yucky reflux face at night, increase in lung issues....all BAD)

Now on to the newest members of the family. Today we took Carson and Eli to get pet rats. They each picked out their own. Carson chose an all white one with reddish-orange eyes. He named her "Snow". Eli wanted a smokey gray one with a white belly. At first he said she would be called Dusty but then Carson and Daddy said she looked like a storm cloud and Eli shouted, "Storm, Dusty Storm". So, Eli's rat is now "Storm". Rats are wonderful pets. Very clean and smart. They are much heartier than hamsters. They don't stink like hamsters, gerbils, or guinea pigs. You can also teach them tricks! I had many rats as pets growing up and loved them all. Our beloved dog Macy took some time convincing when we arrived home with our two new companions but the dog treats we brought her at the pet store quickly convinced her the rats were okay. Here are some pics of our new friends, Storm and Snow.