Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Santa Babies

Sunday evening before the mall closed (I know....gasp out there for all of the preemie moms but I had to do it quickly with lots of Purell!) we decided to take Carson and Eli to see Santa before Eli's big surgery. Carson had been asking about Santa for a few weeks and watched The Polar Express Saturday night before bedtime. Al dressed the boys in their matching blue jeans and light blue sweaters that Gigi bought them and off we went. The mall was not crowded at all since it was 20 minutes before closing on a Sunday night (see preemie moms....I did plan!). We waited in line for about 5 minutes behind a little wiener dog in a Christmas sweater and two older and somewhat bratty kids. Then it was our turn!

Carson was jazzed about the whole thing. He had his list planned out and ready to recite all of the toys he wanted for Christmas to the jolly bearded man sitting in the oversized display chair. Eli was completely oblivious to the whole process and continued to be so throughout everything. Carson hopped up on Santa's lap and rattled off his wish list and even added in a few things that Eli 'wanted' since "E-eye can't talk berry well yet". In his three and a half year old voice we heard, " and talking Bobs and even two train tables but mommy says you will only bring me one because I have to share with E-eye...". Oh if we only remembered the video camera. It is wonderful seeing the childhood joys of Christmas blossom in your children's eyes.

Next came the picture. Carson smiled big and proud because we coached him earlier in the day by saying that Santa loved little girls and boys who smiled big and showed their bright shiny teeth. Eli still sat there less than amused and more than confused about why mommy and daddy were standing ten feet away while he was sitting on a strange man's lap and everyone was saying, "Smile, say cheese, Eli....over here!". Eli then proceeded to lean over and reach for the ball on the end of Santa's hat and start pulling the hat off. It was priceless! He had found entertainment in this whole boring adventure. At least both boys are looking at the camera for the picture. Eli looks like a butterball turkey(he weighed 22lbs 6oz and was 31.5" at the hospital Monday!) and Carson is still a bit pale and oh so skinny but this is our official 2006 Santa and the boys picture.


tiffany said...

Am trying to see photo but is broken for me. I cant believe that about the weight. We have been sitting at 20lbs 9oz for over a month now :( sigh.... Anyway sounds like he wont be in that 6-9 month coat with a weight and height like that!! -Tiffany

Billie said...

Oh So Cute! My girls were just like Eli last year. They just stared at Santa, and at me, like "who the heck is this guy?" I have a feeling this will be the year that they are crying and trying to get away! We'll see...I think we are going tomorrow, Purrell in hand. Do you think Santa will be offended if I ask him to wash his hands before he holds them?:)

Maggie said...

I love the bribe story that you told Carson! What a cute picture! Next time definitely take a video - that sound byte is priceless!

Lisa said...

OMG, I have been trying to psyche myself up for Margaret's trip to see Santa. I had not thought of going right before mall close on Sunday. Good plan! And, like Billie, I've been wondering if I could quickly squirt some Purell in Santa's hands.... or is it time to relinquish some of the germ eradication and leave it up to fate?

Glad to know that you were feeling up to taking the boys out. Hope that means you are feeling better.

And I can hardly recognise Eli in that picture! He is an adorable butterball! Must be a weight off your shoulders to see him gaining!

tiffany said...

Good heavens!! Look at Eli. I dont even recognize the big butterball in the photo! OMG! He looks so chunky - those cheeks! What a cute photo!

Sarah said...

I love the picture. Have your boys been talking to my kids, LOL, Genny asked Santa for a twain table too. I told her it was a big toy for Santa to bring for just one little girl, so she decided that she could share w/ her baby Eli. Yes, I was a bad Mommy too bringing the kids to see Santa. But, he did wear gloves and didn't touch the baby :) I am so happy to hear how well Eli is doing. The boys both look great.