Saturday, April 24, 2010

Builder Boys

Saturday mornings our local Lowes has amazing workshops scheduled for children to learn how to build and garden. The classes and materials are free and all you have to do is sign up on-line. This morning the workshop was building bird feeders. The boys strapped on their aprons and goggles and got to work.

The hammering throughout Lowes was loud and constant as C and E banged nails into wood pieces as the directions demonstrated. Carson was a great helper to Elias and surprisingly they both had fairly decent hammering skills. I braved getting my fingers mashed several times to hold pieces in place while Elias whacked away. Thankfully there were no incidents and I will still be able to work this afternoon in the NICU.

After finishing their bird feeders they each received directions on how to properly feed birds in the neighborhood including which seed was best for each bird species. The best part was showing off their feeders with proud smiles as we walked out of the store. They told everyone we passed how they just built the feeders "all by themselves". Lowes also gives the children a patch to sew onto their aprons after completing each workshop. I can't wait to sew them on!

Monday, April 12, 2010

First Time!

Al and I placed an offer on a house this afternoon and the buyers accepted this evening! We will be first time home owners if everything goes as planned by the beginning of June. After eight years of apartment/condo living I can honestly say that the idea of living in our own home with a yard and bedrooms for the kids is incredibly exciting. Our realtor is amazing and we can't wait to experience all of the ups and downs of the home buying process over the next 6-7 weeks.

In an interesting twist of fate, the house we eventually chose is in the neighboorhood I grew up in. It is the only property we looked at in this area and the last house we viewed. Once we walked in, the house immediately felt like home and we couldn't ignore it. C and E love the back yard and the finished basement. They are already planning our garden and the cookouts we'll have with their friends. I love watching their faces light up when they are planning their own rooms.

An added bonus on top of everything else is the $8,000 tax credit we qualify for. When we started searching for houses (again), we truly did not consider the tax credit because we thought it would be awhile before finding "the one". Surprise! We found our home and are in contract within the established time frame and should close with plenty of time for the deadline. Now we have to pass the inspection, finalize our mortgage, and pack all of our things. The only problem I'm having is controlling my desire to buy all kinds of new things for the house!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Chicken Fun

On a whim we took the boys out for lunch at Chic-fil-A. We do not usually eat at this restaurant but the boys begged us as we drove by so we stopped. They gobbled up the chicken and fruit salad and pleaded with Al to go play on the playground. After having two preemies the thought of germs on community restaurant playgrounds sends chills up our backs. Thankfully the boys are finally at a point where we aren't worried about lung-related hospitalizations from every little virus out there. That little voice inside your head that has developed through extreme prematurity parents still yells out, "NO!" when the occasion arises. Change is hard. :)

C and E had a blast chasing each other through the tunnels and climbing up the ladders. The playground was empty except for the screams of the boys and my camera snapping pictures. Al has learned to live with my constant photo documentation during normal, everyday activities. They are growing up so fast that I don't want to miss any of it!

Friday, April 09, 2010


No, I'm not talking about the new found gaps in Carson's smile. We decided to take the boys to see How to Train Your Dragon this afternoon. C and E have been wanting to see it and Al had some time off of work so off we went. The movie theater was happy because we splurged and bought both boys a movie kid pack to enjoy during the movie. The theater was pretty full for a matinee showing but we were able to score perfect seats. Heading to the movies with the boys has certainly become easier over the years and now we are actually able to enjoy the show instead of referee and tend to constant needs/wants.

The movie was fun and both boys now want a pet dragon named Toothless. They came home and immediately began telling our dog Macy all about the new friend she was going to have and how she shouldn't be afraid because dragons are really nice. I would recommend seeing this movie if you have adventurous kiddos like ours. It was not too long and the storyline kept the boys entertained. Too bad we won't be getting a pet dragon named Toothless anytime soon!

Thursday, April 08, 2010


This morning the boys and I had the pleasure of joining one of my good friends from work and her two children for a play date. Amanda and I choose to take the four rascals to a local "bounce house" since it was a rainy, grey day. We are two smart mommies! Whoever came up with the idea of an indoor gym filled with bouncy houses and mazes was a genius. It was only a total of $10 for the kids to bounce and run all of their energy out for the entire morning. I can't think of another way to spend ten dollars that would have been more beneficial to my afternoon studying and mental health. Oh, and the kids had a blast too!

After all of the bouncing had finished and the kids started complaining about their legs being tired, we headed off to grab some lunch. With four kids under the age of seven, our dining experience needed to be fast and accepting of noise. They agreed on Wendy's and off we went. Amanda and I could tell the kids were fading fast but they gobbled up their food and had an impromptu art session at the table. While the kids created works of art, Amanda and I were able to chat and relax a bit. We noticed yawns and some bickering back and forth so our play date was over and we said goodbye until the next time. I hauled the boys to the car and buckled them into their booster seats only to pull away and see this in my rear view mirror.

What a play date indeed.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Field Trip

The boys were able to go on a fantastic field trip today with their daycare. They hunted butterflies and learned about their life cycle. A huge layout of electric train models entertained Elias. Multiple indoor and outdoor waterfalls fascinated Carson. Crafts were crafted and gifted to parents. There even was a park and playground. It goes without saying that both boys are asleep already and it's only 7:30. Hooray for field trips, butterflies, and early bed times.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Hoppy Easter

Al's parents came up for the holiday weekend and it was amazing to spend time with them once again. We miss them like crazy and wish they would migrate north (hint, hint!). The weather turned out beautiful although Saturday afternoon was incredibly windy. Mr. Easter Bunny hopped over and delivered two baskets of goodies for the boys filled with their typical art supplies and a bit of candy. Check out the new shades the bunny gifted Carson and Elias too.