Monday, April 30, 2007

New Do

I finally went and got my hair cut this morning! I have been neglecting myself lately with nursing school and the boys taking first priority and my friend Mandy insisted that it was time for me to pamper myself a bit. I'm so glad she did because I'm feeling much better now that five pounds of hair have been cut off my head. Here are some pics of my new do....enjoy!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Crazy Dayz

After a 13+ hour day of clinical today to be followed by another 13+ hour day tomorrow, I'm exhausted! I had many great learning opportunities with my patients today and was able to handle a case load of four patients BY MYSELF on an ortho floor! YAY for me! But teh best part of the entire day was pulling up in my parents' driveway to see my two smiling boys come running to meet me shouting "Mommy, Mommy, You're home!". Nothing beats some giant squeeze hugs from Carson and sloppy wet kisses from Eli to make me lighter on my feet and put some energy back into my body after a long day. Now that they are in bed fast asleep, I think I will join them since 5:45 will come all too early.


Thursday, April 19, 2007

"You're Hired!"

That's right folks...I was offered the nursing position of my dreams today after my big interview yesterday morning. This summer after taking my NCLEX (and passing) I will officially be working in the NICU at Children's Hospital as an RN with my BSN. WHOOOHOOOO! All of my education has paid off and my goal of being a NICU nurse and helping families and infants go through one, if not THE, most trying times of thier lives. I thought my interview went quite well yesterday and after almost two hours with HR and the nursing manager on the unit, I felt confident that I would get an offer. They told me that I would know by the end of next week. Then after a hard and exhausting 13.5 hour clinical shift today, I came home to a message on my answering maching offering me a job! The pay is great, the benefits excellent, and the job is the whole reason why I changed majors from medical technology to nursing in the first place. What more could I ask for?

Oh yeah, and I'm not getting screwed over like the typical "new RN grad" and having to work night shift or rotating shifts. I was able to pick day shift and will be working 12s and am even able to pick a 36 hour or 40 hour/week schedule. Thanks for listening to me go on about the next step in my life for the past few minutes. I can't wait to get out there and start working with the patients that our wonderful Children's Hospital takes care of every day. Children's has been such an intrical part of our lives for the past year and has saved both Carson and Elias's lives. I will be proud to be employed at this institution right out of college.

Monday, April 09, 2007

We're Alive!

Sorry for no posts for the past three weeks....saying things have been hectic is an understatement. I'm in my final quarter before graduation (June 10th YAY!) and school is keeping me busy busy busy! The boys are finally both healthy after a lovely 11 day bout with Rotavirus. Thankfully we were able to keep both out of the hospital due to Eli's g-tube and Carson's love for gatorade and hot tea w/ honey. I'm sick of changing diarrhea diapers and cleaning up Carson's vomit though. Thank God it's over! We have tons of wonderful Easter pictures to post and when I get a break on Wednesday I am going to post a much better update with lots of great pics of my two monkeys.

I just wanted to let everyone know (if anyone is still reading) that we aren't dead or in the hospital but instead, consumed with the crazyness of the final quarter of nursing school, PT, OT, speech and feeding therapy, preschool, and the ever changing summer/winter weather of Ohio. Love for some fun pictures and a detailed update on Wednesday when my schedule is FREE for the first time in what seems like forever! Here's a sneak peek as a teaser....