Thursday, December 07, 2006

Short Eli update and Pictures

Eli seems to be doing wonderfully from his surgery on Monday. We are only having to use his Tylenol w/ Codeine sporadically if he does too much monkeying around. Yesterday he was pulling the cushions off the couch and then jumping up and down on the couch. Nothing holds this kid back. He must have been hungry Tuesday night in his crib however. When we woke him up for his 11pm dose of meds we found a large bloody gash on his forehead along with some chunks of wood chewed out of the side of his crib. He had baby safe paint chips around his mouth! OMG...he didn't even cry. I swear these boys are going to put me in the nut house.

Here are a few pics of Eli's battle wounds from surgery on Monday. They still have the bloody steri-strips on them so you can't see the actual incisions. The purple marker and arrows around his incisions were made by Dr. Groner prior to Eli being taken to the OR and won't come off for about another week. We received great news this morning when Dr. Balint called to tell us that the biopsies from Eli's endoscopy and colonoscopy all came back completely normal! YAY! It will be several more weeks before his muscle biopsy is back so we sit and wait all the while expecting (and crossing our fingers for) normal results as well.

For a brief update on me.....I'm doing too much for two weeks post-op. Today I accidentally lifted Eli about 1" off the ground. I'm living to regret it and am back to pain, swelling, and for the very first time since surgery....BLEEDING! I will call my ob in the morning to see if I need to come in to make sure I didn't royally screw myself over. The exhaustion is killing me and walking up and down the steps and wear me out for a good couple of hours. I am loosing weight like crazy despite eating well and am down to a size 2 in jeans. It's weird being this thin b/c I haven't seen numbers like this on the scale since middle school. Thanks again for all of the prayers and comments. You guys brighten my day and I love reading everyone's blogs when I'm up to sitting at the computer and not taking naps!


Sarah said...

Your little Eli has me in tears. Seing those scars and that sweet smile on his face, bless his little heart. I am so happy to see Eli doing well, gaining weight like a champ and so far all his tests have been negative. I hope you are able to find some time to relax. I bled for 2.5 months straight b/c I tried to be Supermom for three kiddos. You deserve a break, you're doing a great job with your boys.

Amanda said...

Eli is such a trooper! He looks like a little scarred warrior! I had to laugh at him eating the crib though, thats pretty funny! At least he wants to eat, right?!
I am glad he is feeling better now you need to relax and take care of yourself. I will continue to pray for you and Eli to recover quickly and good test results!

Lisa said...

Sorry to hear you are bleeding again! How scary... I hope the doc says you are fine.

Eli looks great and it is a relief to hear that his first test came back normal. I will be looking for his biopsy report.

Try to take it easy, Mama.