Thursday, December 14, 2006

The things kids say...

This afternoon I was trying to tell Carson about his girlfriend's dog who passed away this week. Carson loved this dog and he lived right next door to Gigi and Bobpop (my parents). This is how the conversation went.

K: Carson, K--- went up to live in doggie heaven this week.

C: I know Mom. Just like Aunt Tina's dog Meeko.

K: That's right Carson. Just like Meeko. K--- and Meeko are playing together up in doggie heaven right now.

C: Why did they go to doggie heaven?

K: Because they got old and now they are not here with us anymore.

C: Oh..... soon Eli will get old too, right??!!

I tried hard not to laugh but as you can see, the loving relationship between my two boys still needs some growth!


Misty said...

Very cute!! I laughed at that one! I like your Christmas card as well!! :)

Sarah said...

Too cute. Genny cries everytime we leave the feeding clinic @ Children's b/c we leave with her baby brother. She jumps on the elevator and pushed the 2 button b/c she knows where the NICU is. Your boys look so sweet and loving in their Christmas card.