Monday, December 04, 2006

Quick update #1

Eli's surgery was bumped up from 12 to 10 this morning. We were called at 8:25am by the hospital to come as soon as possible due to the change. Once we arrived around 9:10 Eli was taken back and prepped for surgery. He was a happy, smiley boy who flirted shamelessly with all of the staff. Dr. Groner and Dr. Balint both came in and spoke with us before they took him back. Then anesthesiology came back to discuss Eli's complicated medical history and respiratory problems. It is their call whether Eli will need to stay overnight after surgery or be able to come home after recovery with us. Eli's oxygen sats were only 95 in pre-op so they may be leaning towards keeping him based on those numbers and depending on how he tolerates the anesthesia, any respiratory complications with the vent, oxygen need, and desats/bradys.

Eli easily went to the anesthesiologist when it was time for surgery and was waving bye-bye to us as we walked down the hall to the surgical waiting room. What a happy boy! Dr. Balint (his GI) just came in to let us know that the endoscopy and colonoscopy both looked good. She took biopsies during both and we will have the results in 3-4 days. His Nissen fundoplication is still intact and look great. She thinks the patho will come back normal and that Eli may just be "one of those kids who once again are an anomaly". She is very happy with his recent weight gain compared to the skeletal Eli she saw at the last visit and so if the patho comes back normal, she will continue to monitor him but allow his calorie needs to dictate themselves. He may just be a huge piggy!

I'll update in about two hours once Dr. Groner is done with the invasive and ouchy part of the surgery.....keep him in your prayers.


tiffany said...

Thank God Kellie. I am so relieved to hear things are going well so far with the colonoscopy and endoscopy. We'll continue to pray for a safe and speedy finish to all this. - Tiff and Liam

PS I am so thrilled to hear about his speech progress. 2-word combos are fantastic - usually 18 month level I believe!!!

Lisa said...

Your strength during this tough time amazes me. I would be a bundle of useless nerves if I were you right now.

Big hugs and kisses for Eli. I hope everything continues to go well and his recovery is easy and short.

Thanks for taking the time to update us!


Anonymous said...

Kellie, It's about 3:40pm EST...Hoping all is going okay!! You guys have been through so much...I sure hope this will help your little guy with his problems...All my best!