Wednesday, September 29, 2010

No Training Wheels!!

Elias made a huge step in development this afternoon at Gigi and Bobpop's house. He is officially riding his bike without training wheels! The begging began about two months ago to get out the wrench and take off the safety net. We raised the wheels around June and then again in August. He has been practicing riding down the sidewalk without either training wheel "making noise" for the past month. Finally today my dad decided it was time and off he went! He didn't struggle and was zooming up and down the hill for about 20 minutes.

We kept warming Elias to SLOW DOWN and not ride like a kamikaze. He didn't listen and the result wasn't pretty. Rounding a corner, he clipped a patch of grass and spun out. I heard his skin scrape across the sidewalk from my parent's front porch. Once I reached him he was crying and bloody. Carson walked his bike back to the house for him and I carried the soon to be band-aid boy.

Once he was bandaged up and had sufficient hug time, he was back on the bike and zooming down the hill again. Lesson NOT learned but boys will be boys and Elias is ALL boy!

Sunday, September 05, 2010

National Museum of the United States Air Force

Al's parents were up for Labor Day weekend and instead of sitting around the house and twiddling our thumbs, we decided to pack up the cars and head off on an adventure. The National Air Force Museum was within driving distance and as an added bonus is free so it won first prize on our trip list. We all had an amazing time learning out the history of our U.S. Air Force. The boys couldn't believe how big the planes were and even were able to experience a flight simulator. There was a model airplane air show on the base during our visit and those plane were fantastic! Carson and Elias loved when the models flipped and zoomed past our heads just like real fighter jets. Ohio also blessed us with the perfect early fall day for our excursion.

Great family. Perfect weather. Free admission. History. Learning. Who could ask for more?!

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Give me a K!

Elias began kindergarten this morning after a long week of waiting. Every morning during the past seven days, Elias woke up, ran to our bedroom,and asked if it was his turn to go to school yet. The official day finally arrived and he couldn't have been more excited. After deliberating over three different outfits he settled on a pair of jean shorts and a green polo shirt. Since green is his favorite color Elias decided it would be easier for his teacher to remember if he wore it the first day.

Breakfast consisted of mango juice and wild blueberry oatmeal in addition to his usual gummy vitamins. With his hair properly moused and his teeth brushed we headed out to the front porch to take the obligatory first day of school pictures. After countless cheesy grins and a few squabbles between the boys it was time for Carson's driver to pick him up and Elias and I to walk to school. We stopped two doors down to pick up one of his good buddies who we are fortunate enough to have in his class.

The two boys enjoyed walking to their first day of "big kid school" together and walked hand in hand into the elementary school by themselves. I thought I would be sad to see our teeny baby growing up and heading off to kindergarten but Elias is enthralled with school and incredibly ready for the year ahead. I can't wait to see the explosion of learning that will take place in the next nine months. Kindergarten is so much fun!