Sunday, July 23, 2006

Short introduction

Welcome to my blog! I'm Kellie and most of this blog will be about my two sons, Carson and Elias. They were both born prematurely at 30 weeks and 25 weeks respectively. You can learn more about Carson and his story here and more about Elias here . There is a very detailed journal on Eli's website that follows him through his NICU experience up through the present. I'm sure there will also be entries where you will learn about my husband of 4+ years, Al, and our spoiled dog Macy, who thinks that she is not only our daughter but a princess as well. Currently I am in my final year of nursing school and will graduate with my BSN in June of 2007 and will pursue a career in neonatal nursing. That's about all for my short intro for the day. The boys are stiring from their naps and dinner is calling my name from the kitchen so I must sign off. I will post more tomorrow after an exciting day of feeding therapy and a GI appt for Eli, a dentist appt for me, a day off for Al, and possibly a trip to the park for Carson. must be another Monday!