Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Nursing and the Economy

Browsing through blogs tonight I caught a post on that really struck a cord. The author is also a NICU RN and her blog is quite interesting. I find that I agree with this post of hers and am irritated when people casually mention that they will "just become a nurse" so they can get a job right away because the economy is tough.'s frustrating! Thankfully I'm not the only RN feeling this way...

Do You Want to Make More Money? Become a Locksmith, or a Nurse!
Posted by realityrounds on March 6, 2009

The economy is in the tank, unemployment is at 8.1%, a 25 year high. There are 4.4 million unemployed, with countless others who are underemployed. So what are the media pundits solution? Become a nurse!

I have to admit, this rubs me the wrong way. It is a huge pet peeve of mine. I read quotes from CNN of a former real estate agent becoming a nurse because it is “a more stable job”. I hear the Governor of Michigan talking on “Meet the Press”, saying a solution for all the recently unemployed in the auto industry, is to retrain them in health care.

Yes, there is a nursing shortage that will only get worse because of the aging of the population. Yes, we need more nurses. But, no, we do not want people going into nursing because it is a “stable” job, or they are desperate for work. The media pundits make nursing out to be a job that any sucker can do.

Nursing, by the way, requires a college education. You cannot become a nurse through a Sally Struthers training catalog. “Do you want to make more money? How about a career as a locksmith, TV repairmen, or a nurse!” It takes two years to complete an Associates Degree in nursing, and four years for a Bachelors of Science degree in nursing. Hopefully, we will be out of this recession/depression in two years.

Please, do not apply for nursing unless you have the following qualifications:

A love for science and the scientific process
An academic mind, with good problem solving skills
A love of medicine, health and social sciences
A good attitude
Not minding long hours on your feet, working weekends and holidays, and off shifts
A genuine desire to help others maintain health, gain health and promote health
A desire to promote the image and professionalism of nursing.
It would be great to have a new pool of nursing candidates who can bring some of the above qualifications to the profession. But, please do not apply if the only reason you want to be a nurse is because you can’t find a better job. Just become a locksmith then!


Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Week in Review

Is it only Thursday? This has been one week packed full of obligations and appointments. Sunday I worked my normal 12 hour shift and came home to a fabulous dinner prepared by my hubby. Monday morning I had coffee with my mom and caught up on the past week's events. After inhaling too much caffeine and sugar I headed back home to grab Carson off the bus and get Al and Eli in the car for appointment #1 of the day.

Carson had his routine check-up in the Behavior Clinic at Childrens at 1230. The appointment went quite well and his NP was pleased with his progress over the past three months. Al and I are quite happy with Carson's new skills in self control, calming techniques, and redirecting himself when he gets overstimulated. Carson was able to show off his intelligence a bit by reading and spelling all kinds of things and throwing a bit of math in the mix as well. He is such a fun kid. Growth over the past three months has been good and his new stats are 48.8" tall and 48lbs even. Not too shabby at all. No wonder everyone thinks he is 8 though!

Next Elias had his GI appointment at 315. We went over all of the symptoms he has been having over the past few months as well as his recent test results. His weight gain is poor but he is tall. New stats are 41.75" and 34lbs. He needs more weight on him. They ordered him a new feeding pump that he will be able to wear more comfortably during the day (the Zevex Entralite Infinity)- we have an old Zevex Entralite now that is bulkier and heavier. He is also going for an upper GI on Friday to make sure his Nissen fundoplication is truly undone. Our GI doesn't want to send him back to our surgeon for a re-do without a recent upper GI study showing it is undone. He is also getting an abdominal ultrasound on Friday to check for gallstones due to his recent severe right sided pain and clay colored stools. Hopefully that comes back negative. We will see where to go once the test results are in on Monday.

Tuesday was Eli's appointment with Phys Med where he officially received his cerebral palsy diagnosis. Spastic Diplegia. Right into his chart. It seems so permanent even though we have been living with it and talking about it for years. To have it be in black and white finally seems awkward. His doctor said that since his studies have shown no other reasoning for his chronic aspiration, it is linked to his CP and will most likely be permanent as well. That was a blow but we will deal with it. He is loving his AFOs and doing quite well with them. They are working his muscles and will say, "my legs are tired, can you carry me?". We won't do it but at least he is showing us that the braces are forcing him to use the correct muscles to walk and breaking that tone down.

Tuesday I was also supposed to meet some wonderful friends for lunch but woke up with a fever and feeling like someone hit me in the face with a baseball bat. Wednesday wasn't much better and Eli started feeling sick. Today is worse but I don't have a fever finally. End of winter colds are no fun at all. I thought I had escaped it but unfortunately the bug attacked me hard. We have gone through way too many tissues in our household this week!

So....there's the update for the week. Tomorrow we have testing but it's Friday(even if it is the 13th) so it has to be a good day. Thanks for reading if you got this far and sorry for the venting. :)

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Badges of Boyhood

Today was an unusual March day for Ohio weather. Over 70 degrees, windy, and perfect for two little boys to play all day outside. Carson and Elias spent the day riding bikes, flying kites, digging in dirt, and getting into mischief like every young boy should on a day like today. The two of them looked like they had taken a bath in the back of a dump truck and then spun around in a cement mixer for a few hours once nap time rolled around. Every small request from, "Can you please put your shoes on the steps?" to "It's time for nap now, head upstairs" was met with tears and spaghetti noodle limbs.

Awww...the moment you know as a parent that your children are beyond exhausted from playing their hearts out. When they fall to the floor into a pile of childhood flesh needing a good hug. This is what the beautiful day brought to our house this afternoon. Unfortunately it also brought a few reminders from their great adventures. Carson is now the proud owner of a gash on his elbow, upper arm, and forehead from racing on his bike AND tripping on the playground. Elias, not to be outdone by his older brother, decided he would take flight off of his bike too. His new nickname is Rudolph and he keeps asking when the skin on his nose is going to grow back.

A few scrapes, band aids, kisses, and hugs later all was well again at our house and the boys were off to dreamland. They both couldn't wait to show me their war wounds when I came home from work tonight. Their badges of boyhood.

Monday, March 02, 2009

Trauma! Emergency! Practice?

My little sister's best friend is an EMS-basic student and invited Carson and Elias down to school for their pediatric assessment lab this week. The boys participated in training for assessments, C-spine, trauma skills, and vitals. They had a blast and ate up all of the attention. Thanks Brooke for thinking of us and including the boys in such a great activity. I'm glad we were able to help you guys out in learning pediatric assessment skills for the field.

Here are a few fun pics of our little trauma victims....