Friday, December 19, 2008

School Gifts

Today our loving boys each brought home a school made Christmas gift for us.
There is no material gift more special than getting presents created from the hands and love of your children. Unpacking the boxes to decorate the tree and house each year is always sentimental because of those painted wooden boxes or those beaded wreaths. Every item brings a memory and takes you right back to your child at that age. Carson and Elias added to our priceless collection today with two wonderful additions.

Carson's gift came first stuffed into a manila envelope covered in crayon writing and pictures. It said "To Mommy and Daddy. -- From Carson" He had a silly grin on his face and we could tell how proud he was of the contents inside. Al and I opened the envelope and inside was a beautiful clay wreath ornament hung with a nice red ribbon. On the back his name and the year were scratched into the clay with a toothpick so next year we can look back and remember this moment.

Elias came bearing a long tube shaped package wrapped in white paper painted with red and green splatters and tied with red ribbon at the ends. He kept saying, "Open it! Open it! I made it!". Inside was a wall hanging with green painted hand prints in the shape of a wreath along with fingerprint holly berries. It will hang next to Carson's reindeer wall hanging from a few years ago next Christmas season when we decorate once more.

I hope everyone out there with little kids is having fun with their handmade school gifts and enjoying the holidays with their little miracle. We certainly are.

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