Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Ouch! Rearended...

Oh how I wish the roads were always dry and no one got into car accidents. We were on our way to TN this afternoon to celebrate Christmas. Unfortunately the weather about two hours into our drive decide to turn from windy to freezing rain and snow creating a lovely sheen across the highway. After slowing to a crawl (or about 25 mph) then hitting a bridge of solid ice and almost running under an 18 wheeler, Al saved our lives and corrected the slide and stopped the car in our own lane.

Whew. We were safe. We thought.

Five seconds later as I turned my head towards the back seat to make sure the boys were okay, an old Ford Ranger slammed into the back of us. Ouch! I shouldn't have done that. Thankfully Al and the boys are fine and I only have some fun whiplash to deal with. The cops were called but were only responding to non-injury accidents due to the number of severe accidents around the area. Crap. Exchange info, call insurance, calm the kiddos, oh...and ourselves too. Then we find out the guy who hit us has a MO license along with expired Arkansas plates!! But we were saved because he intelligently bought car insurance on December 10th. Whew.

Geico sent Enterprise out with a car to pick us up and a tow truck out to get Al's car to the shop. The entire back end will new replaced and maybe some frame straightening. Geico was wonderful and we can't say enough great things about them. We were set up in a rental car and our car was towed to the shop all within 35 minutes. The kids didn't get cranky and our rental was a brand new 2009 with less than 1000 miles on it. Everything has worked out until the weather got worse and we ended up in a hotel honeymoon suite with both kids for the night. We'll see TN in the morning once things settle down and we don't have to ice skate south.

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