Monday, December 08, 2008

No more monkeys jumping OFF the bed!

We had a friendly jaunt to the ED this morning with Elias. Last night he decided to be his usual crazy self and bounce around the room like a nut. During a brief moment of insanity he stood on the front of his firetruck toddler bed which stands about 16" off the floor and jumped off towards his toy bin. This of course ended in injury since Elias has such exceptional balancing skills. Carson started calling for Daddy and Eli was crying but not too badly. He limped the rest of the evening but there was no swelling, bruising, or point tenderness noted. Only silly limping and poor weight bearing. We chose to wait until the morning to see if his gait improved before rushing off to the ED but this morning came and Eli was still hobbling along and saying "Ow, ow, ouchie Mommy!".

The doc at the ED didn't think it was broken for all the reasons we didn't think it was broken but ordered a series of x-rays to make sure. Unfortunately for Elias, he fractured his third metatarsal (the middle bone in your foot). They gave him a Reese shoe to wear which is basically a soft walking shoe along with PRN Tylenol/Motrin orders and a date with an orthopedic surgeon for Thursday. He hates his new shoe and wants to crawl or be carried on and off. We'll see how that lasts.

Elias in the ED after finishing a green popsicle!

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