Saturday, September 01, 2007

Season Opener

For the first game of the season the neighborhood held a great Buckeye party complete with big screen tv outside, food, friends, kids running around, and best of all, an Ohio State WIN! To ice the cake, the Ohio State vs. Youngstown State game was followed up by the last 5.5 minutes of the Michigan vs. Appalachian State game. Our biggest rivals fell hard, 34-32, to a Division I-AA team from their national pre-season poll ranking of #5.

So much for pre-season rankings ;) It was the first ever loss of a nationally ranked team to a I-AA team. Way to make history Wolverines.


The last picture is my dad, mom, little sister, and then the rest of the family.


Andrea said...

LOVE that family picture of y'all cheering on your team! YAY! Definitely frame-worthy!

baby james said...

Wow how fun. What a great looking family. GO Team!!! Tracy

Jessica said...

awwww, you guys make such a cute family:)

Buckeye Surgeon said...

I'm not allowed to gloat (wife a UM grad) but Saturday was perfect day. Go Bucks. Nice pics.