Sunday, September 23, 2007


Lately I feel like a dictionary as Carson evolves into a one child spelling machine. He is constantly asking how to spell something and then his sponge of a brain soaks it up like only young mind can. I am amazed at his ability to retain information these days and he certainly makes me a proud mama. Yesterday we learned how to spell a few new words.

Fast: F-A-S-T, Vomit: V-O-M-I-T, and Fever: F-E-V-E-R.

As you can see, it was a fun day here at our house. Carson started puking after his nap and stopped by bedtime but it came fast and hard. We probably topped out at over 20 times in those short hours. Our floors have now been scrubbed three times in the kitchen AND bathroom along with the couch cushion covers washed, two blankets, three pillow cases, and many pairs of pjs. I have to thank Al for doing all the laundry because after all of that puking and taking care of a sick Carson, mommy needed a break!

This morning things were back to normal and Eli decided to start retching and so we had to let him vomit out of his g-tube for about an hour. That's the problem with a fundo, stomach bugs can really be an ugly sight. Everyone is back to being healthy and smelling clean tonight without fevers. Unfortunately a nice semi-croupy cough seems to be peaking it's ugly head out with both boys.

Eli needs to stay healthy because he will be admitted on Wednesday and Thursday to Childrens for a bronch, lung wash, and probable pH probe and endoscopy. Keep your fingers crossed that his lungs stay healthy enough to get these tests done. The little stinker is getting rather skinny (you will see in the new pics of him in his big boy underwear) due to the picky eating habits he has developed lately. Eli is making huge gains intellectually where he is falling short physically so we are happy to see that his brain isn't suffering AT ALL! He talks in 6-8 word sentences and loves to tease poor Carson. He is potty trained during the day with only a few accidents a week (maybe 1-2 peed pants). Once this boy has his mind set on something, there is no turning him back....he wanted big boy underwear so he got them! Now if we could just get the physical/medical stuff figured out, he would be all set.

Enjoy the new pics. I will try to update before we go into the hospital on Wednesday but I work a 12 hour shift tomorrow and an 8 hour one Tuesday so time may be short. If I can't get an update in, I'll post when we're in the hospital.


abby said...

The boys are so cute, and I'm thrilled to hear how well they're doing intellectually. And I am equally sorry to hear about the cruddy bugs that have descended upon your family. I hope that the yucky phase of this thing has passed, that the boys recover faster than they can spell f-a-s-t and that all goes well with Eli's probe/lung wash/endo. Can you imagine how much time we would have if we didn't have to clean up so much vomit and visit so many doctors?

Prisca said...

aw, your kids are so sweet!

thank you for encouraging me. (((HUGS)))

Emily said...

I've silently read your blog for a couple of months now. I have a 29wkr (2.5yrs) and a 25wkr (19mos) and prior to my youngest was also in nursing school having wanted to work in the NICU since long before I ever had a preemie.

Billie mentioned that Eli had HGH therapy and I was wondering if you'd be able to tell me a bit about your experience. My youngest is having severe growth issues, and hasn't put on any length or weight in 9mos. She's fallen miserably from her already below the growth chart curve and our endocrinologist wants us to start HGH by December.

My email is

Shannon said...

We live in MI but it sound like our boys caught the same bug. My 41/2 year old has a new fundo (8/01/07) and threw up for about 9 hours in the night Sunday. Yep, threw up (we are trying not to panic about that new ability). Now he has a croupy sounding cough!

Love the pics! They look so much like my skinny Ben :) Good luck on the tests!

baby james said...

Glad to hear things are some what back to normal (if normal is even a word) lately I wonder what normal is. Hope the test all went well. That is awesome eli is doing so well with potty time and Carson I see a future under wear model!!!! Take care. Tracy

tiffany said...

Eli looks great. My gosh he is so tall he looks like a 4 year old in the photos!! Even with the weight loss you mention he looks VERY healthy right now -- this is not the FTT child you had last year when weight was an issue. He just looks like he is going to be very tall adn skinny. Like his bro.

Good luck tomorrow. Keep us posted, Tiffany

Laura said...

i look forward to an update. i know you are freaking you see why i call this life juggling?

Be Inspired Always said...

Beautiful children.

I'm new to your blog. My son was 22 weeks premature, I know the joys and struggles all to well. This is the first blog I found sharing a story similiar to mine.