Thursday, September 06, 2007

Back to School

This was Carson's first week back to school. He has the same teachers and therapists this year and is feeling like quite the big kid in the classroom. Ms. Linn has sent home several notes mentioning how well Carson is leading the other children in the class and acting like a role model. This of course sends Carson into a thirty minute session detailing all of the ways he helps out and encourages everyone else. He is too cute and completely embracing his four-year-old self. I can't help but play the role of the gushing, proud mommy ;) It's amazing that only a short year ago he was the little three year old boy who was timid and unsure of riding the bus. My baby is growing up and doing a fine job at it along the way.

Here is Carson LAST year looking so much younger

And here he is on Tuesday looking quite BIG and GROWN UP!

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