Monday, September 17, 2007

Eli "On the BUS!"

Today was our baby's very first day of school. Eli was excited all weekend about going to school and riding the bus. He told everyone he saw about "the bus" and his teacher Mrs. Catie. This morning when we woke up at 6:15 he was a different child. Gone was the happy, smiley Eli and instead there was a straight-faced, sleepy Eli. This wasn't entirely surprising since Eli doesn't usually wake up before 8 unless Carson wakes him up but it still made me more uncomfortable putting him on a strange bus to a new school. Last year when we sent Carson to school at 3 years old I thought it was hard and scary but it didn't compare to my feelings this morning. Putting Eli at 2 years old on a bus for an hour each way to a school full of new and unfamiliar things made me feel like the worst mommy of the year. As I pulled out of the driveway and off to work I couldn't stop thinking that he would be crying and not know where he was or why mommy and daddy left him. Thankfully my fears were unfounded.

Eli was dropped off at 12:45 and Al said he was ALL SMILES!! He won't stop talking about *the bus* and how it goes "honk, honk". School was fun and full of kids and playtime and snack! He peed in the potty once at school and was super proud of himself to top it all off. Mommy is officially relieved (for today anyway!). Now if I can just get used to sending my two and four year olds off to school on their respective BUSES, things at our household will be great. One day down, 16 years to go!

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Laura said...

i remember those same feeling putting my little man on the bus. but oh how he loved it. this year his kindergarten spec ed class is at our neighborhood school so he walks with one of his sisters and his mom and boy he makes sure we know everyday how he wishes he could be back on the bus with his friends!
good luck to your boy!