Friday, August 10, 2007


Our city hosts a wonderful event every August called "Touch-A-Truck" Day where children can come and see, touch, get inside, explore, and even honk horns and turn on lights and sirens of all kinds of trucks. They bring out firetrucks, ambulances, car carriers, 18-wheelers, city buses, senior citizen buses, police cars, school buses, utility trucks, bucket trucks, animal rescue trucks, diggers, zoo trucks, race cars, and more. Carson and Eli were in heaven and didn't even know where to start! They were able to blow the air horn on an 18-wheeler, explore a giant firetruck, and meet real policemen, firemen, and EMTs! We could have stayed all day long but after about an hour of endless fun Eli's breathing started acting up (it's 90+ degrees and humid here) so we headed for the car to give his lungs a break. No doubt we will be back to Touch-A-Truck day next year. It was the best free entertainment Al and I could have gotten for the boys and they haven't stopped talking about it all day long. Enjoy the video (I just couldn't narrow down which pics to choose!). Click twice on the play button to get the video to play :)


tiffany said...

Umm okay Kellie, tell me how with 2 active boys you manage to look so good!!!??? Love your new About Me pic. You look great.

Glad to see the boys had such a great vacation. Hope you got/get some rest as well!

Liam is into the whole truck thing too

baby james said...

WOW! What a neat event. I tell ya our state stinks, we never have any type of activities or events like that. Robosaurous at the car races once a year in JUNE we live in ARIZONA you wanna talk about HOT!!! Looks like they had fun. Thanks for sharing. Tracy

Anonymous said...

I love the video! And yeah - I agree with Tiffany! You look GREAT. Although, when people say to me, "Wow...For a Mom, you look great," I say, "I was only pregnant for 5 1/2 months..." That usually shuts them up :) Still, nice job on looking fabulous to match your two fabulous boys!