Sunday, August 05, 2007

"Honk, honk!"

Carson and Eli have been enamored with trucks of all kinds for basically their whole lives. Carson's recent trip to Missouri with his Grandparents only strengthened that love. We all know how life-saving portable DVD players are on long road trips for our sanity and my in-laws picked up a truck movie for Carson to watch during the twelve hour drive. On top of this addicting 18-wheeler movie, Uncle Ivan's house was smack dab in front of a common route for grain and farm animal trucks. Carson could sit on the big front porch and signal to the truckers to honk at him (while shouting "honk, honk" of course) all day long.

When Carson arrived home after a week of vacation he decided to share his new found trick with Eli. Now I have two toe-headed little boys constantly yelling, "Honk, honk!" everywhere we go. They have toy 18-wheelers and insist on watching the truck DVD at least twice a week. Tonight for my viewing pleasure, the truck movie was the show of choice eagerly shouted accross the room when I asked what movie they would like to watch before bedtime. Instead of soaking up all of the quality songs and valuable facts about 18-wheelers and CB radio language, I decided to snap some pics of my two truck-obsessed kiddos indulging their pleasure.


" Thanks Mom, You're the BEST!"

Moment of intense concentration



Anonymous said...

If you will pm me on parents cafe I can arrange for dh to stop close by on a run in his big truck for a tour. That is if he is close. I am so glad the boys seem to be doing well. Looks like alot of fun.

Billie said...

They are absolutely gorgeous boys!

Kim said...

These guys are totally cute!!!! These are premies??? Holy cow - they sure don't look it! : D