Sunday, August 19, 2007

No.1 vs. No.2

What happens when your overzealous 4-year-old with an empty glass root beer bottle decides that his 2-year-old little brother has taken his movie watching seat?

On the way to the ER

Pre-stitches Medication

All better after 3 Stitches!

Eli was such a brave little boy in the ER. He never cried or squirmed or fussed. The suture tech was quite impressed at how calm he stayed throughout the stitches. The whole time Eli was chatting him up with info about his favorite trucks along with the noises they each make. I thought Eli was going to give him a giant hug when the suture tech told Eli that his other job was driving giant firetrucks! That made our night and from that point on Eli only talked about the "nice boy who drives firetrucks". The sutures will dissolve in 5-7 days. Too bad we can't get his hair or head wet AT ALL until then and Eli has to go around looking like a cute little girl with curly hair and a barrette. They want us to keep his hair clipped back until his head lac is closed in 5 days so we are now the proud parents of Elietta.


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness!! I love how us Moms of preemies take pictures of everything! The one on the drive there is my favorite! Poor guy. What a sad run-in...Maybe he'll have an aversion to soda now :)

Kellie said...

Bree-- I hope so! Eli isn't allowed to have anything carbonated because of his Nissen (fundo) and so if Carson does get a Sprite or a Root Beer as a special treat, we have to find something equally *special* for him w/o carbonation. Maybe the trauma will push Eli away from pop and beer for life ;)

A mother can only hope, right?!

tiffany said...

Oh goodness how do you keep your head on straight with two active boys? Thank goodness Eli is okay and hope the stitches heal fast! I think it is no coincidence you have gone into the nursing profession! - Tiffany

abby said...

Wow...totally not preemie related trauma, but traumatic nonetheless. Eli(etta) looks ravishing in his stitches and cunning new 'do, but man oh man, do you have your hands full! I am glad that everyone is OK and hope that Carson made it through his extended timeout (or grounding for life) fine, too, and that he's learned his lesson and keeps away from mosh pits and punk shows and frat parties in the future!

Jamie and Jill said...

Poor baby! I am glad he was so brave but then again, this was nothing compared to what he's already been through.

Jessica said...

Oh my goodness! I am glad Eli handled it so well. Never a dull moment, huh?!

Shannon said...

I came to your blog after reading the fundo comment you added in Billies blog. I'm Shannon or "Ben's Mom".

First-what is with the ones who spend all their time in hospitals? It's like they're always fighting to get back in! I actually told Ben that I would be happy to take him for a visit, no drama needed. The funny part is that Ben has an 18 month old sister (who is bald by the way-can you hear the curl envy) that is so much more trouble then Ben that she'll be the reason we're in the hospital for stitches on Ben!

Second-thank you for all the info re the fundo. Ben had his on Aug. 1. He is doing great. I was still a no go until 11a the day before but had a few things pointed out to me by a doc who I really trust. The most important was that stomach content in the lungs is just plain bad, closely followed by the need to try to at least maintain his quality of life. I know that I don't need to explain any of this to someone who has struggled with the decision but those two things that I had heard so many times just let my mind rest and say "We need to try this for Ben.” He is doing so much better than ANYONE expected and so now we just need to wait and see if the magic diameter was reached.

Thank you again!


Kim said...

What a trooper! He doesn't look the least bit scared in the ER shot!

Elietta - LOL! Not for long....