Thursday, August 09, 2007

"Mommy, I'm Stuck!"

Yesterday Eli decided he would have a battle with the strawberry jelly container. Unfortunately the jelly lid turned out to be somewhat of a trap. A confused little Eli came walking into the living room with the entire squeezable jelly container hanging off of his right index finger. His raspy voice managed a calm, "Mommy, I'm stuck" that invoked my heart to jump right out of my chest. After unscrewing the jelly portion from the attached lid I went to work. Many attempts later with soap, pam cooking spray, butter, and lotion, the stubborn finger was just too swollen to slide back out of the lid. By this time he was loosing color and temperature in his finger and so we were off to the ER.

Too bad my keys were in Al's car with him at work!

Thankfully my parents came to the rescue and were at my door in five minutes. Traffic was a nightmare due to a concert and so my dad decided to take Eli back to his house and try to cut it off. An exacto knife and two pairs of pliars along with a talented BobPop (that is what Eli calls my dad) finally broke through the plastic lid and freed Eli's finger. Our little guy was so calm and quiet through the whole thing. He never cried once and was perfectly still. When my dad was all done Eli just looked at him and said, "Thank you BobPop, I'm all better." Color and temp started to return to his finger and it was almost back to normal in twenty minutes.

Leave it to Eli to find another reason to go to the hospital. I think he just missed the place because we haven't been there for an emergency since the middle of May (thank God!).

I need to thank my parents along with my trusty beverage of choice for getting me through another "boys will be boys" moment in Kellie history!


Amanda said...

too funny! At 2 years old they are always finding something to get into. I am amazed at him being still the whole time, Hailey is so dramatic and probably would have been screaming from the minute it was on her finger until it was off :-)

MomOf3 said...

Oh my! I can totally see my 2 1/2 year old doing this just to see what would happen! So glad little Eli is OK! :) (I found your link from mythreewisemans).

Jessica said...

Thats one for the baby book!

Billie said...