Friday, April 09, 2010


No, I'm not talking about the new found gaps in Carson's smile. We decided to take the boys to see How to Train Your Dragon this afternoon. C and E have been wanting to see it and Al had some time off of work so off we went. The movie theater was happy because we splurged and bought both boys a movie kid pack to enjoy during the movie. The theater was pretty full for a matinee showing but we were able to score perfect seats. Heading to the movies with the boys has certainly become easier over the years and now we are actually able to enjoy the show instead of referee and tend to constant needs/wants.

The movie was fun and both boys now want a pet dragon named Toothless. They came home and immediately began telling our dog Macy all about the new friend she was going to have and how she shouldn't be afraid because dragons are really nice. I would recommend seeing this movie if you have adventurous kiddos like ours. It was not too long and the storyline kept the boys entertained. Too bad we won't be getting a pet dragon named Toothless anytime soon!

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