Monday, April 12, 2010

First Time!

Al and I placed an offer on a house this afternoon and the buyers accepted this evening! We will be first time home owners if everything goes as planned by the beginning of June. After eight years of apartment/condo living I can honestly say that the idea of living in our own home with a yard and bedrooms for the kids is incredibly exciting. Our realtor is amazing and we can't wait to experience all of the ups and downs of the home buying process over the next 6-7 weeks.

In an interesting twist of fate, the house we eventually chose is in the neighboorhood I grew up in. It is the only property we looked at in this area and the last house we viewed. Once we walked in, the house immediately felt like home and we couldn't ignore it. C and E love the back yard and the finished basement. They are already planning our garden and the cookouts we'll have with their friends. I love watching their faces light up when they are planning their own rooms.

An added bonus on top of everything else is the $8,000 tax credit we qualify for. When we started searching for houses (again), we truly did not consider the tax credit because we thought it would be awhile before finding "the one". Surprise! We found our home and are in contract within the established time frame and should close with plenty of time for the deadline. Now we have to pass the inspection, finalize our mortgage, and pack all of our things. The only problem I'm having is controlling my desire to buy all kinds of new things for the house!


Emily said...

We're going from renting to owning too, although we're actually downsizing. After renting for the last 5 years a house on 1.5 acres we decided that a townhouse was a better fit for our family. We're closing the end of May and plan to move early June. Good luck!

Alisa Parker said...

awww... that is AWESOME, congratulations! Buy at least ONE new thing!! :)