Saturday, April 24, 2010

Builder Boys

Saturday mornings our local Lowes has amazing workshops scheduled for children to learn how to build and garden. The classes and materials are free and all you have to do is sign up on-line. This morning the workshop was building bird feeders. The boys strapped on their aprons and goggles and got to work.

The hammering throughout Lowes was loud and constant as C and E banged nails into wood pieces as the directions demonstrated. Carson was a great helper to Elias and surprisingly they both had fairly decent hammering skills. I braved getting my fingers mashed several times to hold pieces in place while Elias whacked away. Thankfully there were no incidents and I will still be able to work this afternoon in the NICU.

After finishing their bird feeders they each received directions on how to properly feed birds in the neighborhood including which seed was best for each bird species. The best part was showing off their feeders with proud smiles as we walked out of the store. They told everyone we passed how they just built the feeders "all by themselves". Lowes also gives the children a patch to sew onto their aprons after completing each workshop. I can't wait to sew them on!

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