Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Super Dogs

Due to Eli's upcoming trip to Florida with Gigi and Bobpop, the boys and I drove over to the fabric store. I make the boys a new blanket every year for Christmas and they always pick out the fabric ahead of time. Elias is a bit nervous about being away from Mommy and Daddy for 10 days so he wanted a blanket that smelled like us to take with him. Unfortunately all of his train blankets are way to big to haul onto the plane. Carson also wanted another sensory blanket to snuggle with so I told them both to find a pattern they both agree on and I would get it. They found a nice doggie pattern that worked and we headed over to the "scrap" material to see if there was anything that matched the dog pattern's color scheme. We found just over a yard worth of solid red that fit perfectly.

After both blankets were finished and slept with overnight, Carson and Elias decided to play "Super Dogs" using their new found blanket capes! They had a blast running through the house saving dogs and pretending to be super heros. Certainly worth the ~$10 spent in fabric and 60 minutes of craftsmanship.

Super Dogs to the Rescue!!

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