Friday, January 15, 2010

The String Bean

Eli had a follow-up appointment with his physical medicine doctor this morning and he is growing! I was surprised when Carson had a friend over last week who just turned 7 and Eli was about the same height as him. I guess I shouldn't have been so shocked because he is TALL! He was 45.25 inches today which was quite a gain from his last appt in September. Unfortunately he is only growing up and not out. Our string bean lost about a pound and is down to 38 pounds. This puts him in the 97th% for height and the 50th% for weight. Who would have guessed he was a micropreemie? His weight-for-length ratio could use some work (<3rd%) but we'll get there.

Good news on his CP as well. His tone is a little tighter because of the quick linear growth but our stretching is really helping. He is still toe walking without his braces on but when you remind him he self corrects for a couple of steps. This is great progress. The doctor loved his blue snake AFOs (she had not seen them yet) but it looks like Elias won't be wearing this exact pair for much longer. He has already almost outgrown them and he's only had them since the fall! They think by his next appointment in May he will be ready to get casted for a new pair. Keep your fingers crossed that the insurance battle won't be too long!

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