Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Beach Baby

Our little Eli is having the time of his life in Florida with Gigi and Bobpop. I'm sure they are spoiling him rotten as usual. It should take about 3 weeks to get things back on schedule once "vacation time" is over but it's well worth it. We all miss him and the house is so different without his curly hair and class clown humor. Carson even said that he "can't wait until Eli is back!". After today's adventure on the beach, I'm sure coming home is the last thing on Eli's mind.

Check out our little man loving the ocean and playing with the waves.

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Carter and Addy's Mommy said...

Okay, I am totally jealous of Eli!! The beach is my absolute favorite place to be at all times!!!! How fun that he gets to be there instead of cold, snowy, Ohio!!!! :)