Thursday, May 21, 2009

Toad-aly Cool

Meet our new friend Blacky. Eli found him in Gigi and BobPop's back yard when they were hunting for worms. He started yelling, "I caught a frog! I caught a frog! Come quick 'cause I caught a frog!". Well, he was right....halfway. He caught a toad. I could not believe he actually snatched it up and didn't squish it to death by the time I ran to the back to the yard. Eli was so proud of himself. Carson was a bit turned off but still excited. I took the toad from Eli and we looked him over and named him. Of course this is when Blacky decided to pee all over me (don't worry, there was plenty of antibacterial soap and water post-Blacky tonight!). The boys decided Blacky would like to live under the raspberry bushes in the garden and eat all of the bugs that live there. Eli grabbed him up and found a good spot and let him free. Hopefully Blacky will be there tomorrow when they search for him.

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