Monday, May 04, 2009

Not Me! Monday -- New Edition

I have been inspired by MckMama over on her blog with her weekly post entitled "Not Me! Monday". The concept is writing about all of the embarrassing, non-perfect, brutally honest things you did over the past week. The catch is to blog about them as if you didn't do them! It is quite therapeutic and fun which is exactly what every Monday needs.

This past week I certainly did not fudge the words in a bedtime story book because I was exhausted....and get caught by my almost 6 year old. I guess Carson's reading skills are advancing faster than I knew.

Throughout the week I did not eat three generously heaped bowls of Cherry Cordial ice cream and then complain when my scrub pants were just a tad tight at work on Friday. That wouldn't make any sense!

Last Wednesday I definitely did not forget to re-order Elias' tube feeding supplies for the month and run out of MIC-Key button continuous feed extensions. I would never be that unorganized!

Head over and read up on MckMama's not me moments, blog your own, and share them for everyone to read. Perfection in motherhood is far fetched. Why shouldn't we get a little stress relief and humor at our own expense?

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