Monday, May 11, 2009

Not Me! Monday #2

It's time for another Not Me! Monday. After reading all of the incredible things I didn't do this past week, head over to MckMama's blog for her weekly "Not Me! Monday" post.

One day last week after putting the boys down for nap I certainly didn't lay down and sleep for three-and-a-half-HOURS before waking up to cook dinner for the family. I would never need that much sleep in the middle of the day when my morning was spent lounging, drinking coffee, and surfing the web while Al studied. Nope, not me!

An OCD mama like myself could never send her almost four year old to school wearing plaid red/blue/tan/white shorts with a lime green shirt and yellow socks. Completing the look with blue AFOs with planes, cars, and streets signs adorning them and blue/white tennis shoes. I would not!

On Wednesday I never would have worn my Victoria Secret yoga pants all day long instead of my jeans because I didn't feel like seeing if my butt had grown larger in the past few days. I didn't eat a bag of Archway Soft Iced Molasses cookies in three days on top of that incident either :) Wouldn't do it!

What things did you not do this week??

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