Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Camper Boy

While Elias and I were out on our special date Carson has been out at the campground with my parents having a fantastic time. Elias went out and joined them for one night since he still deals with some separation anxiety issues and gets very homesick and out of routine if he is not in his bed for more than one night. Carson has been living it up at Dillon Dam. Gigi and Bobpop have let him ride his scooter all over the campground chasing them and small woodland creatures. He has learned to play t-ball and is going to be our all star south paw. When not scootering (is that actually a verb?) around or knocking back home runs, the C-man has built some incredible construction sites with his diggers, cranes, and 18 wheelers. He is the embodiment of a boy and is eating up every spare minute of free time before Kindergarten starts on 8/28. What a huge milestone that will be.


Anonymous said...

Long time no talk!! Great to see pics of the boys. Cute as ever. Though not as bad as Eli, it seems Liam's reflux may be coming back a bit too. Looks like we are headed back in to see the GI doc soon. Does it ever end? Take care, Tiff

baby james said...

HI there it has been a while. Hope things improve. We to are going through a rough spot. However we are changing out the bard button to a nutaport and a zevex feeding pump so hopefully we will be able to get more results.

I have started my pre-reqs for nursing, and you are part of my inspiration, I am in Psy 101 now, I wanted to start slow at first. Any advise is welcomed. Tracy