Saturday, August 09, 2008

Down on Young's Farm

Today the boys and I met one of my best friends at Young's Jersey Dairy Farm for some good food and fun. We hadn't seen Mandy for almost six months and we were well overdue for a visit. After the long drive and hearing Carson and Elias yell, "Honk! Honk!" at every 18 wheeler we passed on the freeway, we sat down to a scrumptious meal at the restaurant on the farm. I splurged and ordered a 1/2 slab of ribs and they were worth every messy bite. The boys both ate pancakes and couldn't stop looking at all of the John Deer tractor items displayed around the store. They were in heaven.

After stuffing ourselves we headed over to the animals. The boys wanted to pretend to drive the old tractors first so we bypassed the poor hungry goats for some farmer time. They had a blast. The farm has a little cow statue for kids to play on so Carson took on the role of bull rider and Elias soon followed. Eli then got scared and wanted down off the "stupid cow". Please remind me to thank Carson for teaching Elias that lovely word!

Finally we made it to the goats. The boys both received a dime each to buy food. They had fun putting it in the machine and getting out a handful of food. The goats (who were certainly not starving) gobbled up the food and then kept following the boys up and down the fence line looking for more handouts. Elias tried kissing them on the lips. Carson would run up to them, pet them on the head quickly, then run away even more quickly. It was cute. We had to visit the pigs, turkey, ducks, hens, and cows in the barn in addition to the overfed goats. Carson just repeated, "Mom, they don't smell too bad this time".

The day wrapped up with a trip to see Mandy's new house which was wonderful. Then off to her parents' farm to play on their playground. Carson and Elias begged Mandy for a ride on the Gator around the farm and to go see the piggies. Mandy happily obliged and we trekked our way around the fields having a fantastic ride. The pigs were excited to see us but mad that we didn't bring food along too. Unfortunately we had to leave to drive home and have nap time but the trip was perfect. The only thing missing was Al (he was at clinical for the day).

(no, Carson didn't get to actually drive the Gator)

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Amy R. said...

This farm looks like a blast . . . but so far away!!! How long does it take to get there???