Friday, September 26, 2008

September Slacker I've been an overachiever at slacking this past month. I cannot believe my last post was from August 20th. ACCKKK! Our world has been organized chaos in the past few weeks so I will give a few bullet points on each of us and after our vacation to TN next week, I will try to elaborate on the joys September brought our family.

Al -
  • Spent a great month studying and spending time with the boys

  • Wrapped up his 2nd semester with ANOTHER 4.0 GPA in his nursing program

  • Started running more religiously again

Kellie (me!) -

  • Working between 48-60 hours a week but absolutely loving my job

  • Enjoying every free minute I spend with my boys and Al

  • Finally went and had my hair cut after 9 long weeks

Carson -

  • Started Kindergarten (wait until you see the pics...they are priceless)

  • Doing amazing well and has the best teacher imaginable for Carson

  • Has his ups and downs with his OCD/mania/ADHD/anxiety but the ups are outweighing the downs much more right now which is wonderful for him as well as us

Carson's 1st day of Kindergarten

Elias -

  • Started his new preschool program and is getting used to a new environment/therapists

  • Is growing TALL despite GERD and feeding issues flaring up (31.5lbs and 40.5" )

  • Finally had his phys med apt that went fairly well with NO official CP diagnosis as of yet but they will re-examine in January (spastic hemiplegia - left sided) but overall good apt with more details in another post

Elias' 1st day of preschool (this year)

So.....those are just a teeny weeny glimpse into the things that have been going on in our household during the month of September. We've also had our usual couple of ED visits for respiratory distress, pneumonias, and overall crazy boy mishaps. Everyone is still running around like wild men so we aren't too concerned. The boys continue to astound us with their witty humor and never ended new skills. This is an age of wonderment and experiment and Al and I are loving every minute.

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