Sunday, October 22, 2006

Beautiful Mature Jargon??

Eli had his first speech therapy session on Thursday. It went well and I really enjoyed his speech and language pathologist. Eli's normal PT and OT (physical therapist and occupational therapist) have been recommending speech therapy for him since about July but Al and I wanted to wait and see if his language would progress on his own. He has done well on his own without speech and babbles constantly and is the most social child I've ever seen but the process of actually forming words is slacking big time. Debbie came and assessed Eli using the Rossetti Infant Toddler Language Scale which placed him at a 9 month level for receptive and expressive speech. She said his strengths are that he is incredibly social for his age and that he has "beautiful mature jargon". I guess it sounds better coming from the SLP instead of me saying Eli sounds like a "little German dictator" all the time! HEHEHE.....what a lovely mother I am ;)

Our homework assignments to work on until Eli's next speech appt in a month are as follows.

1.) Help identify body parts functionally (i.e. "give me your foot, I'm washing your hands, blow your nose, etc.")
2.) Hold up objects that Eli wants by our mouth, say the name of the object, then give him the item.
3.) Imitate silly sounds, exclamations (i.e. "uh-oh, whheeee, oh-no"), animal sounds, and environmental sounds.
4.) Try a few simple words like eat, ball, and hi.

And what does Eli have to say about all of this??

"Dadaddadadadad.......nanamdnadmadfkaoing , adfodign! adfkdngians....babkdieng?" All with a smile and flirting with anyone in a 10 foot radius. Life is fun!


Anonymous said...

Eli sounds like Sarah. It's all about a-dah......

Amanda said...

It sounds like Eli is doing great! Isn't it fun?! Sounds like Hailey and Eli could carry on a coversation. I wanted to ask you if I could a link on my blog to your blog? I wanted to add some links, but I wanted permission first. If you could either comment on my blog or email me that would be great.