Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Advice on Ghosts?

It seems as though we have a visitor in our house. Carson has been telling us for about 8-10 months that there is a ghost that lives in the vent in his room. At first the ghost was his friend and he would tell the ghost goodnight before bed while looking up at the vent in the corner of the wall. Over the summer the so-called-ghost started being not so friendly. Carson started waking up frequently overnight and screaming. He would never actually be awake during these screaming fits when Al or I would go into the room. Then Carson began telling us more and more about the ghost. He told us about a month ago that, "Mr. Ghost is covered in red paint." Of course this freaked us out. Where would a three year old who is not exposed to horror movies come up with a ghost story including a phantom covered in blood-like substance?!! Now Carson keeps telling us that, "Mr. Ghost flies around my room above my bed, all around in circles, and never lands, but he doesn't have wings". Creepy. No wonder he keeps coming into our room in the middle of the night and asking to get in bed with us. I keep walking him back to his bed, tucking him in, kissing his head, kissing doggie blanket, and getting back in my bed but the night wakings have to stop.

Carson says the ghost doesn't try to talk to him. I guess that's a good thing. He has a nightlight in his room so it's not dark and scary. We have never read a book or watched a movie with ghosts covered in blood or anything similar. Yet Carson is scared of Mr. Ghost that lives in his vent and flies over his bed with no wings and is covered in red paint. Great.

Any advice from my faithful readers?? My mom decided we needed to light a white candle and tell the ghost to "go toward the light and out of the room". So she did on Monday. Carson said, "Go to the candle Mr. Ghost but don't get burned, it's hot". I thought it worked but he said Mr. Ghost was back again last night. Al and I have tried praying in Carson's room too and so far, no luck. I need help, and sleep. At first I thought it was just a normal kid imagination thing but the red paint and no wing parts have me a bit squeamish. Thanks in advance for the advice......Happy Halloween!


tiffany said...

Is he picking it up at preschool? Are the kids telling stories there? Especially the ones that may be watching those kinds of movies?

beth said...

Hi, I am from the preemie board and just clicked on your site. Hope you don't mind me crashing your site. I also have a 3 year old and he has a HUGE imagination. Every morning he claims Nemo bit him when he was sleeping. LOL. Anyway, we use a spray bottle with nothing in it to rid his room of goblins and Nemo. He keeps it with him so he can "defend" himself. Hopefully it is Carson's imagination. I guess it can't hurt to hang up an angel or two. Anyway, I also noticed your husband used to work for Bob Evans. That is where my Husband works. He is an AGM at the Norwalk, Ohio store. Small world.
Goodluck with the ghosts.

Lisa said...

Oooohh... creepy. The first thing that came to my mind was what Tiffany suggested, preschool. I have no advice, though. Good luck with your special visitor.

Kellie said...

Thanks for the advice girls....I was thinking preschool too but he's been being "visited" by Mr. Ghost for almost 10 months now and just started preschool the last week of August. I'm going to try the spray bottle idea and maybe a different night light. Poor baby...I would be afriad to sleep with a red paint covered ghost floating over my bed too!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I am a lurker on your blog hehe. I'm from babycenter, and love reading your postings.
A couple of years ago my mom was having ghost problems in her house. It had been going on for many years.
Well a friend let my mom borrow an old bottle of Holy Water. She told us to sprinkle it around and say this 'saying' and for the life of me I cant remember what it was!! Anyways, it worked! I was there when my mom did it and we were very skeptical. When she started sprinkling the rooms where the most ghost activity occured, this gust of cold air came and we both got so cold we shook! We were really freaked out. But like i said it worked! Nothing has happened in the house since.
Good luck!!