Wednesday, September 13, 2006

On the upswing and mommy goes to school

After two long nights of no sleep and coughing duels between Carson and Eli, we seem to be coming out of the worst of it. Carson felt a lot better today and was almost back to himself. He only needed one Albuterol treatment and bounced around with his Thomas the Trains and Bob the Builders after preschool. It was great to have my boy back even if he still coughs without covering his mouth! Eli had a bad night. He was up coughing so hard he couldn't catch his breath. It is definately croup. Albuterol is helping and my mom gave him a nice warm bath tonight before bed while I was at class. He felt much better this afternoon than he was feeling last night and this morning so I'm guessing we're starting to see the end. Thank God for Synagis starting next month. I can't tell you how happy I am that Eli was approved for a second season. He won't be excited to get two shots every 28 days from October to April and our insurance company isn't thrilled to be paying over $23,000 for the seven months of shots but at least we have that little bit of added protection against RSV.

On a completely "kid free" is definately back in session for me. This week has been hectic to say the least. Fall quarter of my senior year is packed full of heavy course work from my critical care nursing course to my senior year experience course entitled "Inventing the Self and the Future In a Postmodern World". I also threw in sexuality and human nature course for my nursing elective. Maybe that will spice things up :) Clinical starts tomorrow and I am lucky enough to be on a great unit at the hospital where my boys were born. I am up in the ICU for my critical care rotation and hopefully I will learn a lot and get through the next 10 weeks. One step closer to my BSN and taking my NCLEX. Wish me luck and sprinkle some magic sleeping and good behavior dust on Carson and Eli for me so I am able to get my studying, reading, and writing assignments completed without too much of my infamous procrastination. I'm off to take some Nyquil and read a few chapters of nursing text before bed.

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