Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Doing the Two Step

Our 25 week micropreemie is quickly becoming a big boy. Eli took two steps on Monday!! He started standing on his own for 30-45 seconds at a time on Sunday when Al's parents were in town. Then on Labor Day he decided he really wanted the cookie we were bribing him with (I know....we are great parents) and he took two itty bitty baby steps towards us before falling. I cried such happy tears. It was wonderful and I was so glad that Al was able to see the big moment. As a "restaurant widow" I am home with the boys by myself most of the time. This means that Daddy misses out on a lot of the firsts. He just happened to be home for a 45 minute break out of a 15 hour work day when Eli started performing. Eli hasn't taken any more steps since then but is getting a little bit better at standing and has made it to 50 seconds twice now. I see some weight loss in my future from chasing an overactive ADHD preschooler and an exploring toddler! Here are some pics of our daredevil standing (click to enlarge them).

And yes, his shirt does say "I do all my own stunts".


Connie said...

Wow Eli is getting so big now since the last time I we seen him..I'm glad to see him happy again.We miss you guys so very much..

Shawna said...

GO ELI GO!! He looks so adorable standing there like a big boy. I am really starting to see a change in his face weight wise. Has he gained more? His cheeks look chubbier in the last few new pics you've posted. You guys have such adorable kids Kel and are such good parents! Give them boys a huge hug from me!!

Lindz said...

Aww Eli looks amazing, I've been reading all of your updates on the June board and I'm just amazed with both of your boys. So good to see that they are both doing good.

tiffany said...

Okay, you've given me permission. I will not feel guilty when I coax Liam to take a step with chocolate this weekend!

Great news for Eli! You must be so proud of him. He sure seems smart as a whip.