Monday, September 04, 2006

Labor Day: Popsicles and Tortilini

What would a Labor Day in our house be without messy kid faces and food?? I guess with those two criteria it doesn't even have to be Labor Day but these pictures of the boys are from today.

Carson and Eli enjoyed a yummy dinner of cheese tortilini with veggie pasta sauce. The little guy really dug into it as you can see.....

Carson then decided to poop on the potty while Eli was napping so Gigi bought him a special treat from the ice cream man. Who knew blue and purple monkey ice cream popsicles could make such a mess???


Tkscot1 said...

Yay for Carson and the potty! And apparently I missed something on Eli's blog...when did he start eating "real" solids? Good for him! I can't believe how much he's grown! :)

~a sept. mommy from bbc, ~Natalie'sMommy~

Anonymous said...

Half the fun is wearing the food!

Maggie (Sarah's mom)