Wednesday, August 16, 2006

What a CHUNK!

The title says it all. Eli is now officially entering chunk territory. When Al called me from the GI's office on Monday to relay the weight stats I about passed out on the kitchen floor! We definately have found a combination of formula and massive amounts of food that will pack on the pounds for our formerly FTT micropreemie. Just 6 weeks ago I was talking about making deals to get a few ounces of weight onto Eli's already ultra-skinny frame and now he has turned into a plump, round-cheeked toddler! Okay, okay.....I'll tell you how much Eli weighs.....are you sure you can handle it??? 18lbs 8oz and 29.5" Holy smokes! He has put on exactly 4lbs in the past month and grown a half an inch. We have officially re-made the weight growth chart for his adjusted age of 10.5 months at the 5th% which is a miraculous recovery from the technically starving child he was just 5 weeks ago. His GI wants another 3lbs on him to catch him up to the 50% but we'll see. I'm just so happy to see my baby no longer looking like a refugee.


Shawna said...

Kellie, I cannot begin to tell you how HAPPY I am to hear that Eli is gaining so much weight now. That is so wonderful and such a prayer answered! His little chubby cheeks are so cute, just as I thought that child could not possibly get any cuter, you post more pics and prove me wrong. He is such an angel!!!!! You and Al sure make beautiful babies. :) I can't get over how grown up Carson is looking too, wow he looks older than 3. Love reading the blog and hope your essay turned out good and you got a good grade. I'll pray you start getting more sleep too, you sure can use it. Love and miss ya sweetie. We really need to try to get together before the summer is over. (((HUGS)))

Angela said...

At first I thought it was a picture of Carson, Eli's starting to look so much like him. That's so wonderful that Eli's putting on weight. He just keeps getting cuter and cuter.

Maggie said...

Hooray for Eli!!! That is great news! A little chunk looks great on him. He and Carson are both such cuties. They will both be breaking some hearts some day!

Laura said...

wonderful news!
i vivdly remember some of those happy, happy gi appointments. our micro was ftt too and seemed to not gain in spite of 1800-2000 calories/day.
i hope your little guy continues in his progress.
thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. good luck with your bsn. i bookmarked your blog to keep up on yours and Elias' progress.
take care.