Thursday, August 10, 2006

Caffeine and Coffee

No, the boys aren't driving me insane today, least not entirely. My final for Human Nature and World Religion is due this evening at 7:30. Of course I could be the President of the procrastination Universe and I am blogging instead of diving into the depths of my inner being to create a theological masterpiece to call my final essay. Typical Kellie. Eli has been keeping me up all night every night for the past week because he feels that even though he gets fed on a continuous feed for 13 hours a night, he must eat an 8 oz bottle every 2 hours as well. The sleep deprivation is starting to wear on me in addition to the stress my professional procrastination skills have caused so I decided to dedicate a post to my new best friend........caffeine. Oh where would I be without my coffee pot and the wonderful company of Starbucks? I can smell my savior perking in the kitchen as I type. Wish me luck on finishing my world religion essay and getting Carson and Eli both down for naps at the same time!

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