Monday, April 07, 2008

Finders, Keepers



tiffany said...

Hahahahahahahah! Gotta love it. What funny pictures. They are both so precious. Yeah don't get me started on the fascination with it.

Jennifer said...

That is funny!

It doesn't get better - I've taken the same pictures of my husband and he's approaching 30.

Yes, it is good blackmail!

Amy R. said...

I love it!!! This is hilarious :)

Jamie and Jill said...

Ha ha..that is too funny!

Robyn said...

Hey Kellie! It's Robyn from the Preemie Board. I just realized you had a blog even tho I'm sure you've mentioned it before. Hope you don't mind that I stopped in to see how things were.

The boys are getting SO big..and those pictures will be great to dig out and show their first dates!