Monday, April 21, 2008

Scootin' Around

Yesterday Al and I surprised the boys with a trip to Target to buy them each a brand new scooter. Target had many different styles on sale for $19 and we thought they would be the perfect thing to take on our camping weekends instead of hauling their bikes along with us. Carson picked out a two wheeler Spiderman scooter because he was "big enough to balance like the cool kids". Eli insisted on following suit with the Spiderman theme and grabbed up a three wheeled webbed design of his very own. Our car couldn't get home fast enough!! The boys [not] so patiently watched us put their new toys together and then hit the pavement. Literally. For both of them.

It was a learning experience and a bandaid and some kisses later, the two of them were out scooting around the sidewalks again. Carson is a pro because he has been practicing at Gigi and Bobpop's house since last summer on their scooters. Eli has a long way to go. Yesterday was more of an "I'll stand on it Daddy and you push me" kind of day for Mr. E. Today the little stinker caught on after watching Carson glide with freedom up and down the block. Jealousy is a wonderful motivator. Thank goodness the weather has been absolutely perfect for outside play the past few days. The boys have come in for bedtime covered from head to toe in dirt and scrapes ready for baths and bedtime stories. How I have longed for the spring to come so our little explorers could get grubby like little boys should. I would strongly suggest picking up a scooter if you have young kiddos for a cheap and fun spring/summer outside toy. They are fantastic! (the bonus core strength and balance PT training Eli will be getting is just a plus!!)


Alisa said...

what cute "rides"!! If I gave scooters to A & A, they'd probably have no teeth in a matter of five minutes.. hee! Then again, I might be surprised! Have fun with them cruisin' around!!

tiffany said...

great job on the scooter! very impressive!! Tried one with Liam but he wasn't too crazy about it. Maybe for his birthday? Can you believe they will turn another year soon?