Monday, March 31, 2008

Just living life...

... one day at a time. I have been working a bunch of hours in the past few weeks to help make up for my missed time from surgery and to pay off our never-ending medical bills. Adding two shifts a week has been a bit exhausting but it has allowed me to prioritize the time I have off from work into more meaningful time with Al and the boys. Carson and Eli are getting so grown up and it seems like everyday they are learning a million new things and adding to their increasingly complex personalities. It is a wonderful evolution. How can they be closing in on turning 3 and 5 in two short months??? I no longer have babies (or even toddlers) and we are chugging full force into a truly fun-filled time.

Carson is growing like a weed on Miracle Grow right now. His appetite is ferocious and our grocery bill is expanding weekly. I can only imagine what it will be like when they boys are teenagers!! The all boy phase of army play accompanied by fake gun noises and gear has begun in addition to potty jokes that can have him hyperventilating on the floor like a silly school girl. Gotta love little boys. Carson also had another evaluation at the Behavior Clinic and got the official diagnosis of severe OCD. This wasn't a surprise for us especially since Al has some mild OCD himself. They are also sending Carson for some more extensive testing throughout April to look at all aspects of his behavior, intellect, social, and adaptability/sensory skills. He will be evaluated by many specialists and hopefully they will be able to put together a plan to assist in his IEP better this year and for future planning for grade school services. The Behavior Clinic still thinks that his IQ is up in the genius range but his outside diagnoses need to be addressed so he can reach his full potential in the classroom and socially. This testing should give us a better idea of what therapies and/or medications can assist Carson in this. He is such a bright and amazing kid that we are looking forward to seeing how new therapy specifically designed for him will help him harness himself so he can function at his top level.

Elias is growing more an more obstinate by the day. He is definitely going to give us a run for our money now and in the future. Poor Carson is relentlessly teased by Eli and his antics. Then our little 'angel' will grin and try to look as innocent as he can. We know better but Carson gets incredibly frustrated and rightfully so. Pneumonia hit Eli once again just over a week ago but at least it wasn't aspiration pneumonia (just good ol' normal pneumonia from crappy lungs) and he didn't need hospitalized. After steroids, antibiotics, and more breathing treatments than imaginable, our little man is on the mend and running around like a crazy man once again. Sleep is getting to be a fight every night with both boys in the same room and Eli is the main culprit. We have resorted to putting the kids to bed at different times and the other one has to be asleep before putting the second in the room. Eli has caught on to this however and will routinely go poke Carson or turn on the light to purposely wake him up. Any suggestions on a headstrong, active, ornery, almost 3 year old former preemie would be appreciated. It is fun to see his personality developing each day though.....even when we are exhausted!


Alisa said...

Oh how boys will be boys! Love the updates! I guess Eli and Ava were on a date today at school. Eli put his arm around Ava during circle time. How cute, huh?!!!!! Had to share that with you!

Shannon said...

Wish I could help you.
My hubby found our two year old sleeping on the couch this morning. If you find a way to keep him down I would love to hear it!