Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Feeling Lucky?

Okay, I must admit that I usually don't do these types of *tests* but this one over at DisappearingJohn RN caught my attention. Who doesn't want to know what color their lucky underware are? Well, since my lovely surgery is keeping me out of commission, I decided to find out for at least a little bit of fun. Check out my results and then find out your own lucky shade. I think the description matches me almost perfectly and Al agrees. Funny how quick internet quizzes based on a few questions can do that.

Your Lucky Underwear Is Red

You're confident and bold, and your lucky red underwear will only make you more sure of yourself. You have a great zest for life, and you tend to take on impossible goals - and succeed.

When it comes to love, it's hard for you to take the time to open up. You're too busy conquering the world. So if you're looking for a little more romance, put on your red underpants. And see where their passion takes you!

1 comment:

Billie said...

My lucky underwear are apparently blue! I need to go shopping.

It describes me pretty flippin good too:)

"You are caring and extroverted. You've made relationships your number one focus, and your lucky blue underwear can bring some balance to them.
You thrive in one-on-one situations. You are a good listener and a natural born therapist.

Sometimes you let the concerns of others become too important in your life, leading to stress and worry.
If you want more balance, put on your blue underpants. They'll help you take care of yourself first.