Sunday, January 27, 2008

The end of a Great week

My mother in law just pulled out of the driveway to make the long drive home to Tennessee. She graciously took off an entire week of work to come help out with the boys while I recovered. Carson and Elias of course enjoyed every minute of Granny being here and ate up all the attention. They played trains, trucks, Play-Doh, firemen, make believe, made crafts, and did all kind of other fun little boy games. Even after much arguement from me and Al, she still did all the dishes and laundry in addition to help maintain the peace (or as much peace as we can have in our house). I basically felt like a lazy, couch potato which is pretty much what I have to be according to my post-op surgery appointment. I am only allowed to walk to and from the bathroom and the dinner table. Thank God for my wonderful MIL.

Carson burst into tears as soon as Granny walked out the door. He was an emotional wreck. You would have thought the poor kid's doggie had died. Following a long talk about how it's okay to feel sad when you miss someone and that Granny will be back again, Carson finally settled down and started teasing the crap out of Eli. Semi-normalcy in our household. Great. All joking aside, we will truly miss Mom and can't thank her enough for coming up and helping us out when we needed it. Thanks!


Cora said...

Just thought I'd say Hi. I found you via Hallie's blog, and I'm also a NICU nurse who has her own preemie. Our only difference was that I was a nurse first, and then had my 23 weeker. Not something that I'd recommend doing!

I'm so glad that your surgery went well, and hope your road to recovery is smooth. Your boys are just beautiful!

Amy R. said...

Thanks for Saying such nice things about the girls :) I am glad you are feeling better!! Your boys get more adorable everyday! See ya soon.