Thursday, December 27, 2007

A million presents!

Christmas morning I awake to hear footsteps to two small boys creeping UP the stairs and little voices whispering.

C- Shhhh Eli, it's not daylight outside yet and mommy said last night that we couldn't get up until daylight. Just hold on a few minutes and then we can wake them up.

E- Carson, I want my presents now! Can we get mommy now?

C- No quiet. It's not time yet. We have to be quiet and watch for the sun.

Enter me.......

K- Boys, did Santa come last night and bring you presents?

C & E- Yes, yes, yes!

The boys come running into our room and jump onto our bed. Al is still most of the way asleep and groggy but the boys are W-I-D-E awake!

C- Santa brought a MILLION presents mommy! You should see them. There are so many more than last year. We must have been REALLY good!

K- He did? didn't open any did you?

C- No, I woke up really early and went downstairs. I saw all of the wonderful presents and was so excited. I looked at them for awhile and then was really sneaky and went upstairs. I got down beside Eli's firetruck bed and whispered in his ear that Santa had been here and that he needed to GET UP. Then we went downstairs and looked at the presents some more. I could read the names on the presents so I started seperating them into piles for you. Mommy......get up....we need to go open them!

K- Did Santa eat the cookies we left him and give the carrots to the reindeer?

C- Hold on, let me go check.

* He took off running down the stairs and came back in less than 30 seconds.

C- Yes, Santa ate ALL the cookies and gave ALL the carrots to the reindeer! He even drank the white milk we left him in the mug. He must have been super hungry from bringing all of those super-cool presents to us.

K- Yes Carson. I bet he was hungry. Do you boys want to go open presents?

C & E- YES, YES, YES Mommy and Daddy.....can we p-l-e-a-s-e go downstairs now???

K & A- We certainly can.....


Shana said...

What a wonderful Christmas conversation!!! Happy New Year and my it be filled with much happiness!!! :o)

Lisa said...

I love it! I'm glad you all had a Merry Christmas.

Jessica said...

Looks like they all had fun on Christmas:) Man, Carson IS tall for his age! LOL He looks about as tall as Isaac, who is 6 (and tall too).