Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve...Is it Time yet???

The boys have been brimming over with exciting all day long and tonight Carson was about to burst. We spent the evening at my parents with Grandma Helen and Papaw Wes. It was relaxing and certainly filling to say the least. The food was yummy and I can't wait to go back tomorrow for more holiday goodness. Once we brought the boys home Carson got straight to work teaching Eli all of the proper traditions of Christmas Eve.

1.) Get the cookies out for Santa.
2.) Get the carrots out for Santa's reindeer.

3.) Get the special Christmas plate out to put them on.

4.) Get the extra special mug for Santa's milk.

5.) Fill it with white milk this year (last year was chocolate...we must have grown up in our tastes this year!).
6.) Get to work composing the all important letter to Santa.

******BUT WAIT*****

This year my baby, my first born, my Carson wanted to WRITE his own Santa letter. BY HIMSELF!!!! When did my baby grow up into a writing, spelling, articulate CHILD????

I am a proud but shocked mommy and one of my mommy jobs has been officially taken over by my very capable 4.5 year old boy. What a moment.


Anonymous said...


I read with great interest your entry about Eli's sleep study. You are the first mom I have ever "met" who had a young child go through one. My son had his first at age 29 and was found to have sat levels so low that he is on O2 at night; this has likely been a life long problem and contributing factor to his learning problems. Never had a sleep study ever been suggested until a bone marrow biopsy was required. The sleep study was ordered by the oncologist.

I suspect that your boys had them done because of prematurity; my son was nearly full term. I encourage you to continue to make other parents aware that even young children can have sleep disorders.

Best wishes!

Cathy AKA Gracie's GMOP (via Sophie and Lily, Via Coroline and Jack)

Laura said...

the boys look oh so cute. i hope it was the merriest of christmases for them and you.