Thursday, December 24, 2009

Surgery (again)

Yesterday I had surgery and am now at home recovering.  My full time nurse Al is taking excellent care of me in addition to both our boys.  I was having intense pain for the past few months in my lower left quadrant and had chopped it up to pain from my previous surgeries (hysterectomy and endometriomas in my rectus muscle).  Unfortunately it wasn't pain from previous surgeries and my ob/gyn needed to do surgery to see what was going on.  The surgery was originally more involved and complicated but my amazing surgeon worked hard to keep it through the scope (almost two hours) so I wouldn't have to recover from another open lap.  He found extensive adhesions encapulating my bladder and adhering it to my left ovary.  My sigmoid colon was also wrapped in adhesions and stuck to my posterior wall.  After preparing myself to wake up post-laparotomy with both ovaries removed, I was thrilled to not be in surgical menopause and only have three small incisions.  My doctor rocks and I can't thank him enough for working hard to keep everything as least invasive as possible so I can recover faster and be home for Christmas. 

Thanks for all of the prayers and help everyone.  We couldn't do it without you. 

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